Illegal Alien Terrorists Deserve Worse


Commentary:     I “borrowed” the above image from USA Border Alert .  If you are one that just can’t seem to wrap your mind around the fact that many of the illegal alien protesters are terrorists… they’ve got some video and pictures to prove it.   If that doesn’t change your mind, the invader’s own manifesto, El Plan de Aztlan will certainly send you to the local gun shop in search of a couple assault rifles and a few thousand rounds of ammo.  We legal Arizona citizens have become so complacent as to give the invaders a strong foothold on their aspirations.  It is past time to wake up and take a stand to secure Arizona.  Illegal aliens are the foot soldiers infiltrating our state and country as the preparation for what is planned.  Illegal immigration is only the tip of the iceberg for the movement that will follow.  House bill 2752 is a legislative step in the right direction. 

Side note:  The headline writer for the Mohave Daily News must also be a proud subscriber to the style guide to writing a sensitive immigrant storyMigrants?  When I go do an out of town job, I’m a migrant.  These people are Illegal Aliens!

Migrant terrorist bill gains support

By Dominika Maslikowski/The Daily News

BULLHEAD CITY – A group of Republican state politicians want to classify illegal immigrants as domestic terrorists if they “intimidate” or “threaten” U.S. citizens during a protest.

House bill 2752 would also classify illegal immigrants who are members of a criminal gang or drug cartel as domestic terrorists and classify violations as felonies.

All three state politicians who represent Bullhead City’s district in Phoenix support the bill, while the Mohave County Minutemen say it’s an important step in combating illegal immigration.

State Sen. Ron Gould, who is co-sponsoring the bill, says it would give law enforcement “another tool in their toolbox to go after illegal immigration.”

“It actually strengthens the penalty against illegal aliens committing crime in the U.S.,” Gould said. “And we’d all agree if we have an illegal alien who’s threatening a U.S. citizen or joining a street gang, that he’s not here for a job. A lot of times we hear people on the left say they’re just here for work.”

Gould said there might be opposition, but he’s confident the bill will pass the house and senate. He said if the bill passes, it might make Arizona the first state that classifies such illegal immigrants as domestic terrorists.

State Rep. Nancy McLain (R-Bullhead City) said the bill is a response to a recent measure that proposed to classify the anti-immigration Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteer group as domestic terrorists.

She said many residents living along the Arizona-Mexico border experience “terrorism” when illegal immigrants or drug smugglers pass through their property and intimidate the landowners or steal.

“That really can be classified as terrorism because they do, in fact, terrorize people,” she said. “Terrorism is a legitimate way to put that.”

Local members of the Mohave County Minutemen, a group inspired by the national volunteer group who work to deter illegal border crossings, say the bill will give them security at protests.

“It would definitely make me feel safer,” said founder Virginia Hilton. “When we had our rally (on Feb. 3) I got followed after that and I wound up having to call 911 and filing a police report because someone waited after the rally and followed my car.

“These pro-immigrant groups that are trying to make this into a civil rights thing are completely wrong because civil rights are a different thing. They’re here for people who are here legally.”

“The fight is still long and there’s a lot to do, but there’s hope because of these politicians stepping up,” said founder Luca Zanna. “Terrorists are not just people who use violence to intimidate somebody. There’s also economic terrorism.”


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