The Invasion Has been Going On for Quite Some Time; What have you Done To Stop It?


 Commentary:     The article below is EIGHT years old.  How much more time are you willing to give these criminal invaders.  Stop allowing yourselves to be lulled into complacency by the bleeding heart do gooders that are willing to hand over our culture, our economy and our sovereignty in the name of  some twisted idealists moronic sense of political correctness.  The time for discourse is past.  The enemy pictured above understands what needs to be done to advance their cause.  It’s time we have a revolution of our own if that is what is needed, and many believe it is.  Stand up and fight!  Or at least support those that are willing to do it for you.



SUNDAY, March 21, 1999

Immigrant Reoccupation of Southwest
I’m not sure when I began to feel the United States was being overrun, invaded if you will, by illegals from Mexico. Perhaps it was almost a decade ago after an eight-hour tour of duty I spent with U.S. Border Patrol agents in El Paso.

Or maybe I began thinking that way during a week I spent with Immigration and Naturalization agents in San Diego a couple of years ago when the border patrol agents were being fired on by snipers sighting in on them from across the way in Mexico.

Then again, it could have been last summer in Nogales, Ariz., where again, in the company of U.S. Border Patrol agents, I witnessed in amazement the apprehension of Mexican nationals slipping into the United States throughout the city’s sewer system.

Like most U.S. citizens vested in the sovereignty of the our nation, today I am alarmed and outraged at the enormity of the problem.

I recently viewed a documentary produced by Voice of Citizens Together (VCT), the largest grass-roots immigration reform organization in Los Angeles country, and it motivated me to speak again. “Immigration: Threatening the Bonds of Our Union: Part 1: Courage and Capitulation in California,” indisputably shows how the Republican Party failed to win the recent gubernatorial race in California because candidate Dan Lungren didn’t address the issue of illegal immigration.

It’s not an easy documentary to watch, but watch it one must to fully grasp the pox liberal Democrats have wrought on the Southwest in their ceaseless effort to create a peasant victim class. The documentary uses actual local news clips from California and across the U.S. to illustrate the demographic war that is threatening the bond between California and the rest of America.

Included in “Bonds” are sound bites out of the mouths of politicians like former Republican Rep. Bob Dornan who was bested at the polls by Loretta Sanchez, a young, Hispanic and so-called moderate Democrat. After seeking to cut a deal with the Hispanic political jaguarundi, hot on this heals, and with poor showing in the polls, Dornan asserted that Mexican illegals had been assembled for the express purpose to vote for Sanchez. Unfortunately for him, it was too little too late.

Another sound bite in “Bonds” is from the Mexican consul general at a meeting at the Southwestern School of Law, in which he call for the reoccupation of the southwestern United States by Mexico. His bold threat made the front page of The New York Times.

“Bonds” also includes the 1996 Fourth of July network television coverage of an attack on Anglos–white Americans–by Mexican Americans and Mexican nationals in favor of the reoccupation of California and other parts of the U.S. Southwest. They claimed the land still belonged to Mexico.

The fact is illegal Mexican immigration in southern California has transformed that state–with the help of liberal socialist Democrats–into an unofficial province of the Republic of Mexico. But most Americans find such an absurdity too far-fetched to believe.

Has the United States been invaded? Don’t take my word for it. Get a copy of “Bond” from VCT at 800-600-600-8642. You review it and decide for yourself.

Ken Hamblin (BAC@CIS.COMPUSERVE.COM. Web page: writes Tuesday and Sundays in the Post and hosts a syndicated radio talk show.


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