Illegals “Swarming” Over Arizona Border In Last Two Weeks

Minute Men on lookout patrol near Sasabe Az.

Commentary:     The few people keeping watch over the southern Arizona border and actually documenting the flow of illegal alien traffic along said border, have noticed a surge through one small area in the last two weeks.  The human smuggler coyotes are constantly trying new areas and establishing new routes that offer less resistance.  In the past several months things have tightened up around the Nogales to Tucson routes, the I-10 corridor from Tucson to Phoenix and the Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport including all of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s efforts in surrounding Maricopa County.  This has led to much more illegal alien traffic in northern Arizona along I-40.  They have been reported to be coming across the border in lessor patrolled areas in southwest Texas and southeast New Mexico traveling up to I-40 and west bound for Las Vegas and California.  If this doesn’t sound like relentless invasion tactics… please pull your head out of the sand. 

Additional Commentary:     A few words on the Minute Men.  There have been and will continue to be many pundits and nay-sayers in regards to these fine gentlemen.  They are most often referred to as “vigilantes and racists” however,  it has been my experience in contact with these fine citizens, that they are anything but.  Those outlandish accusations couldn’t be any further from the truth.  That is precisely why their numbers are so few.  Because of the relentless scrutiny these exemplary citizens are subjected to, few are welcomed into their ranks. 

Minutemen say border-crossers ‘swarming’ through Sasabe area

BY Jonathan Clark/Wick News Service
Volunteers from the Minuteman Civilian Defense Corps have spotted more than 700 illegal border crossers since beginning a vigilance campaign in Arizona two weeks ago, a spokesman for the group said Friday. According to Al Garza, the MCDC’s national executive director, Minuteman volunteers operating in the Altar Valley have called the U.S. Border Patrol to report sightings of 728 illegal immigrants – 234 of whom were later apprehended.

Garza said that the flow of illegal immigration through the desert around Sasabe is heavier than the numbers suggest. “They’re actually swarming through there,” he said.

The MCDC is, “engaged in a sort of cat-and-mouse game with human smugglers” Garza said, “in which the smugglers constantly change their routes as they probe for unguarded areas.”

The Minutemen respond by sending special scout teams comprised of ex-military to locate the latest routes and establish observation posts.

“We’re having to work by moving back and forth,” Garza said.

“Then we wind up three or four days later right back where we started.”

The MCDC launched its third annual April border watch campaign in Arizona with a rally in Three Points on March 30. The group is conducting similar month-long campaigns in Texas, New Mexico, California and Washington state.

The number of volunteers in Arizona has fluctuated between 35 and 150, Garza said.


7 responses to “Illegals “Swarming” Over Arizona Border In Last Two Weeks

  1. This is a really great post on immigration and I was wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange. I hope this comment finds you well.

  2. How in the word can we stop them? Im an painter and cant find work !

  3. Jon,

    By becoming aware, you’ve already taken the first step. Continue to arm yourself with knowledge and information, then as opportunities present themselves, take action. The contractor lobby spends all it’s time and energy enlisting OUR political representatives to put forth bills that will allow amnesty and a hearty supply of cheap labor. Don’t hire illegal workers, and insist your contractor peers refrain from the practice also. Contact your local, state and federal representitives and demand something be done to stop the flow of cheap illegal labor. And support those that are in the fight. There are some good links and blogs listed on this site that will help you to get involved. Thank you in advance for helping to make a difference.

  4. Love your blog… just found it – courtesy of VelvetHammer’s site. Just posted a link to a story about illegals voting in San Antonio, at her spot..
    …Makes me grit my teeth…

    I’m down on the AZ-MEX border and UNhappy to verify that what what you’re describing is right on – and it’s not just around Sasabe.

  5. Welcome Wren,

    Velet is great, I read her often.

    Thank you for your comment and your involvment in the cause.

  6. I used to know Buenos Aires fairly well – years ago I would go there to hike and take photos. Last night I was on the border many miles east from there. Listening to the BP frequency, it was obvious that they were picking up lots of crossers in the area where I was.

    So much for the BS about jobs “Americans won’t do”!!
    If you have your own contractor’s license I believe you can sue those contractors using illegal laborers – check with a lawyer. If you know others in the same position you could band together.

  7. Thanks, azresistance!
    I’m glad you like the site. You certainly have permission to put up a link. You have my personal email if you want more information – or you can go to the AFR site and ask to join the email list.
    Keep up the good work!!

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