RidersUSA Memorial Day Event; BIG Success

RidersUSA Memorial Day at the National Memorial Cemetary of Arizona.  May 28th 2007 

Just down the road from Good Shepard of the Hills Episcopal Church(Yes, the church that harbors illegal aliens in the surrounding desert and farms them out as day laborers), is the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona

I fired up my Harley at just past 1:00am this morning and embarked on a four and a half hour, 245 mile ride from my small corner of rural Arizona.  My goal was to spend Memorial Day honoring the men and women who gave their all to protect the sovereignty of this great nation.  It was also an opportunity to demonstrate against how their great sacrifice has been abused.  The event was organized by RidersUSA and although apparently it was a “spur of the moment” idea, everyone in attendance including all the visitors to the National Cemetery would have thought it had been planned for weeks.  My hope was to lend support, and talk to a few people of like mind and motivation.  I arrived at about 5:30am.  Enough time to meet a few new friends and find out who has been doing what to advance the cause. 

I was first greeted by Buffalo Rick and Tim of RidersUSA.  They were prompt to hand me a few poster signs and enough American Flags to outfit my bike appropriately.  Tim brought me up to date on RidersUSA and it’s quite recent organization.  Valerie and George were next to show followed by a slew of riders over the next half hour.  In no time at all there were bikes lined up along side the entrance to the cemetery for quite some distance.  The whole corner was packed with vehicles displaying signs and a tent where people could sign petitions.  Literature, DVD’s CD’s and a ton of other handouts provided by USA (United for a Soveriegn America) were filling peoples hands and minds.

Buffalo Rick of RidersUSA

Rusty Childress, founder of USA, has done a fine job (with an ample supply of first rate help) in realizing and attaining the vision and mission that defines the group.  If you are in the Phoenix area, USA holds Town Hall Meetings with video presentations, a potluck dinner, updates and action items, and guest speakers.  It’s at the Childress Kia Showroom, 23rd Ave. & Camelback.  Did I mention that it’s free?  Go get informed and involved.

The morning had several other visitors and supporters like, Todd Hartley and his fine wife.  Todd is the man behind the mega huge PHXnews.com and boasts over 100,000 hits per day and over 3,000,000 per month.  Todd is a first rate radio host and an accomplished journalist.  I urge you to check out his site and feed your brain.  The dude also has a great sense of humor.  I was honored to have spent some time with him today and I look forward to what ever is next from the wit and wisdom of Todd Hartley.

Todd Hartley (PHXnews.com) and Rusty Childress (United for a Sovereign America)

 I saw a whole hell of a lot of appreciation for the group gathered today at the entrance of the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona.  I saw it in the damp eyes of veterans and their families as they slowly passed us to enter.  Literally hundreds of them returned our waves, rolled down their windows and told us things like, “God bless you”, “You’re the best!”, “Keep up the good work!” and most ironically, hundreds of these veterans and their families told us “thank you”.   

Today was an opportunity seized, an opportunity for ME to say …. thank YOU.  To all those that have served, to the family and friends of those that fell while serving, and to those that may unknowingly give their last breath to uphold the sovereignty of our great nation.

 A special thank you to RidersUSA for welcoming me into your group for the day and providing me with a special experience that I will not forget.

**If you would like more pictures and contact information regarding anyone or anything in this post, please let me know and I will gladly provide.



One response to “RidersUSA Memorial Day Event; BIG Success

  1. Thanks for making the long cold ride! We need more dedicated Americans! god Bless America!

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