Did Bush buy Kyl in on Amnesty Bill with Promise of Federal Judicial Bench Appointment?

Two political back scratchers screwing America 

S.J. Miller writes today in the FederalObserver.com, that this would appear to be the reason that our recently treasonous Senator has turned his back and ignored the vast majority of his constituents as of late.  I have been wondering for quite some time if Senator Kyl has made some sort of “deal with the devil”.  Well, it would appear as though he has.  Why would he so blatantly turn on his State and sell out his constituents unless he felt sure that in the near future he would be sitting on a Federal Bench Appointment for life.  Bush gets what he wants, a legacy of open borders, amnesty to illegals, and cheap, legal workers for his friends and cronies.  Kyl gets what he so desperately desires, A lifetime seat in the Federal Judiciary.  The rest of us… we get screwed.  What do you expect from a lame duck President grasping for a legacy, and a corrupted senator who has been in D.C. way too long.  Just one more example of what happens when we continue to allow politicians to be politicians.   Read the story here

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