Use The Pro-Amnesty Weapons Against Them

Give him a call, he really wants to hear from you. (snip) 

Rusty, at USA posted this on his site yesterday.  It appears as though our Senators, while turning a deaf ear to us and not answering their phones, want very much to hear from the pro-open borders amnesty crowd.   I invite you to call in on the number below.  Thanks Rusty.

 If you are having trouble getting through the Capitol switchboard to express your opinion about the Bush-Kennedy shamnesty, there’s a special hotline number you might like to try.

hotline.jpg1-800-882-2005. (Spanish number)
1-800-417-7666. (English number)

The hotline is paid for by something called the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and it’s being blasted to pro-open borders groups all over the country. The hotline gives its callers access to their senators that average Joes don’t have. STORY. MORE.  Or call HERE.


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