Arizona March For America Rally June 16th

Arizona March For America Rally – June 16th

On June 16th 2007, RidersUSA will be taking part in the March for America Rally at the State Capitol Building in Phoenix.  The event is in support of the National Let Freedom Ring “March For America” Rally in Washington DC.  Many states are participating at their own state capitols for those unable to travel to DC.  Information regarding the schedule of the event can be found here.

I encourage all to attend.  The recent temporary defeat of the S-1348 Amnesty Bill was just that, a temporary defeat.  President Bush is currently pushing the senate to bring the issue back up and has vowed to see this legislation through.  This legislative mutiny in particular is a prime example of how “We the People” have lost control of our government to the ilk of corrupt politicians and big business PACs.  Join with us on June 16th as we March On America to take our country back.  Hope to see you there!


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