A Special Immigration Video Post For Zeb

Commentary:        It came to our knowledge several months ago that a young man named Zeb somewhere in upstate New York, has been visiting these pages from time to time in an effort to gain a little more information on what we here, refer to as the great invasion.  Many of the links I provide in the sidebar were put there specifically with young Americans seeking accurate information in mind.  You see Zeb, our struggle and fight against this illegal immigration invasion is not at all based in racism or lack of compassion, but rather it is motivated by our need for the preservation of America.  It’s economy, resources, social structure and sovereignty.  We are losing what was once a great nation to the masses of immigrants that are bleeding America of it’s lifeblood. 

Not to say we don’t have compassion for the “huddled masses” seeking to better their situation in the land of the free and the home of the brave,  It is that philosophy that made this country great.  What we are saying is that the “huddled masses” have become far too massive to absorb. 

It is young people like yourself that are the future of America.  It is young people like yourself who will suffer greatly and witness first hand the complete collapse of this once great nation if the masses of illegal immigrants remain unchecked or worse, given amnesty.  We are right now in the struggle for the preservation of this great land.  Our victory or defeat in these next few years will determine the condition and state of the America you will inherit.

I found this video on Velvet Hammer’s site.  It is an excellent illustration of what we are dealing with.  It is also an excellent illustration of what will happen if we choose not to deal with it.

Thank you Zeb, for taking an interest in your nation’s future at such a young age.  It’s young men and women such as you that give me great faith in the future of America.

For all the illegal immigrant sympathizers out there, this is a video you MUST see.

Any questions?


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