Amnesty Bill S-1348 Is Now Amnesty Bill S-1639

 Harry Reid’s suggestion to those opposed to amnesty

Update:     June 28th 2007 – This bill is now dead!  Thank you to the Senators that actually listened to the 85%-97% of their contituency.  Click here for the curent story.  Here is the complete list of amendments to the bill.  The full text of the NEWEST version of the Amnesty Bill S-1639 can be read here.  

Commentary:     The Senate sponsors of the Amnesty Bill S-1639, A.K.A., S-2611, S-2612, and S-1348 are probably hoping that if they change the heading enough, We The People will lose track of it.  At the time of this post, the text of the bill is STILL UNAVAILABLE to the public. We are awaiting release from the Government Print Shop.  I wonder who’s palm got greased to make that delay happen.  When it becomes available you’ll find it here.  I’m sure Kennedy, Spector, Kyl, and McCain are praying you won’t see it till it gets crammed down your throat.  Harry Reid has arranged an almost unprecidented manuever to run this piece of crap legislation through.  It’s called the “clay pigeon” tactic. 

“Under the tentative plan, Reid as early as Friday would launch his target, an amendment encompassing all 22 proposals and shoot it into its component pieces. The Senate would then vote on ending debate on the immigration measure, which would take 60 votes and limit discussion of the bill to 30 more hours. After that interval, all 22 amendments would have to be voted on, with little opportunity for foes to interfere.”  More on the “clay pigeon tactic”, can be read here.

Now more than ever we need to be diligent in keeping those Senator’s feet held to the fire.

Don’t forget to reference this Shamnesty bill by it’s new alias S-1639 when you call your Senators here, and Representatives here!


2 responses to “Amnesty Bill S-1348 Is Now Amnesty Bill S-1639

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  2. Hello Senator Reid;
    Sir, I wonder if you know or care that the Congressional group that you are a member of have conducted themselves in the most transparently and flagrantly abusive manners as could ever be possible? What would you know regarding Petraeus-Crocker to America is not safer? The question asked is Iraqis are they safer and participating in their regional affairs with more confidence post Saddam? That is an unequivocal YES! The Iraqi population want the Al Quaeda element out of their country as much as we want all Democrat Senators to go home, stay there and cease disguising your damned amnesty bills. The people have told you NO have we not? You interested in clay pigeons? Well I cant say if this will happen tomorrow, but you and your scoundrel political minions just very well may face the day when some angry persons tie you to their clay pigeons!!! As for your flipping people off as per your photo, I feel that this picture matches your attitudes perfectly. You are a lousy Senator and certainly not a leader. Otherwise, you would cease with Amnesty Bill 1639 which simply was Bill S 1348. Perhaps it is going to take some illegal alien to break into your home harm your loved ones – you can love yes no?? – and pummel you in your sleep before you wake up to the severity of the current illegal alien – incarcerated criminal ratios. Wake up or go home!

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