Nelson Lee Walker, Can Save America; But Not Alone


“No politician should ever be allowed unlimited reelections… even if he has the votes.”  –  Nelson Lee Walker

Commentary:     For the past couple of years, Mr. Nelson Lee Walker of has made it his mission to do something about the absolute and complete corruption in government.  His answer?  One that any simple mind could agree with, term limits.  His points for term limits are countless and every one of them makes perfect sense.  Regular visitors to my site here, have read me rail on about the complete corruption of our legislators and how politicians have turned D.C. into an Oligarchy of the ruling class.  Mr. Walker has devoted all of his energy to exposing these legislators and all of their misdeeds as a result of no term limits.  He also has several brilliant ideas on how to spread the word and effect change.  I highly recommend visiting him at regularly.  I also highly suggest watching his many You Tube talks at youtube/nels96.

As a career, a seat in Congress (or in any elective body) becomes a conflict of interests: An incumbent who seeks reelection cannot freely vote his conscience, or his principles, for fear that he is going to offend some slice of the electorate, and therefore reduce his chances of reelection.

How this has come about can be understood by examining Congressional voting patterns on the major issues in our current political environment. All these patterns are now routine, and all have arisen during the last part of the 20th century, as Congress has learned how to ‘game the system’ to assure reelection.

For example :

• Given that political campaigns are run for the express purpose of choosing the individuals who a majority of the voting public would like to place in a position of public trust…

• And given that that individual will be subjected to overwhelming pressure to bend government action to favor or disfavor some group or issue, rather than to decide apolitically and objectively for the best interest of the community or nation as a whole…

• And given that few elected individuals, being human, and under these pressures, will be able to resist compromising their own convictions and integrity indefinitely, especially over many years…

• And given the historically demonstrated inability of the voting public to vote out politicians who have demonstrably failed to live up to their campaign promises, or who have have obviously been involved in self-enrichment schemes, so long as they reliably ‘bring home the bacon”…

Shouldn’t we have a universal Term Limits law?… for all government elective offices?

Congress, as a career, becomes a conflict of interests.
Congress, as a livelihood, is a contradiction in terms.
Congress as a profession, is an invitation to corruption.
Congress, as a career, is an oxymoron.


Mr. Walker’s post can be read in it’s full context here.


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