Illegal Allien MURDERERS Everywhere! Thanks George W. Bush

 Found in comments:

Special thanks to Don, the AZghost for bringing this story to my attention and forwarding to me, Melanie Kortlang’s letter.  His site is dedicated to storys just like this one.  There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish he didn’t have anything to write about.  You really need to check him out at Americans Killed By Illegals. 

This is a story about a beautiful, innocent, vibrant young woman with her entire life in front of her and of a vicious, selfish, monsterous murderer who blames everyone but himself for his evil deeds.  If I were to tell this tale in my own words, I would not do it justice.  I would come across as an infuriated American wishing for violent vengence.  Stories such as this are better told by people with more compassion and tact.  Like Don.

Amy Kortlang

The story of Amy Kortlang

I recieved an e-mail from A Mom that lost here daughter to an illegal alien drunk driver, I felt it was something most Americans dont get to see, and Our government wont speak of! So with her permission, heres her letter…

hello, I am writing to let you know that I would love to add my beautiful daughter added to the memorial. Sadly, on Oct 9th of this past year she was hit and killed by a drunk driving illegal alien in Ramona California. He hit 2 other cars first before plowing head-on into my Angel, pushing her back over 200 feet and up an embankment and then the scumbag took off and left her to die there alone on a dark empty road. He was caught 3 hours later due to the fact that he was driving a company concrete truck at the time owned by Mark Kackstetter,, MK Concrete. This alien had 4 prior DUI CONVICTIONS and had been Formally Deported in March of last year, 2006 and came back and was hired in June by Kackstetter without the idiot doing any background or DMV check on this murderer. I thankfully have the monster behind bars for a guaranteed 21 yrs to life. 21 before he can even be eligible for parole. God willing, I will be certain to be there at his hearing to make certain he stays there. My life has forever changed and I miss my wonderful girl so so much. She was a hairdresser and a very responsible young lady who had just begun to live life. And along this f****ing alien sneaks back into the country and takes away my precious daughters life as well as her families lives too. This government makes me sick because as far as I am concerned, it is their fault as well. The owner of the company hasn’t been held accountable either and ICE tells me he probably won’t be either !!! And I am supposed to just sit back and take it and allow life to go on !!! No Way !!! Not Acceptable. Please let me know what I must do to get Amy included in your memorial. I have a website for her now. It is please let me know if I need to send her picture or any more details, info, etc,, She was born and raised here in San Diego but was killed in Ramona, CA which is San Diego county. Thank you for doing this. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Thank you and God Bless You and keep you safe,, Love and Hugs, Melanie Kortlang, An Outraged Mother

Don has a daily prayer he recites.  When I hear a story like Amy’s, I’ve found myself using Don’s prayer too.

It goes:     God our father please protect us from this terrorist, pretending to be a leader of our country, when in fact he sides with people of a foreign nation and allows citizens of America to be killed raped and molested, by foreign nations and their people.  In Jesus name, Amen.


11 responses to “Illegal Allien MURDERERS Everywhere! Thanks George W. Bush

  1. Sad ain’t it. And so easily preventable if the government would simply enforce the laws.

  2. Sort of sick to say that President Bush is at fault isn’t it?

    I bet you are a democrat.

  3. clirus,
    I gather you don’t get out or read much, do you.
    I in fact have been a registered republican and life member of the RNC for the last 17 years.
    I’ve finally had enough of the elitists that have taken over the party and abandoned it’s platform. I have only been a registered Independent for about two weeks.
    Now, if you think the post was “Sort of sick”, what do you think of this. George W. Bush, our illustrious President is at the LEAST guilty of treason and malfeasance. He has given this country’s sovereignty away to the highest bidder and succumbed to the globalists. He would wish to see America crumble in order to see the fruition of his precious North American Union. George W. Bush is a traitor in the highest order and should be dealt with as such.
    As for you, my ignorant little friend, I suggest you start doing some reading on what’s happening in this country before you start posting misinformed, asshatted opinions relating to current issues you obviously know little about.
    Don’t one line, hit and run HERE, with anything stupid like that again.

  4. Ok, I was kind of tough on “clirus”. My apologies to everyone (even clirus). However, I do find President Bush’s actions and deeds inexcusable and indefensible in this second term of his tenure in office.

    Opinions, as misinformed as they may be, are indeed welcomed.

    It’s just that, well…. He called me a Democrat!

    I hope he at least was thinking of me as a Conservative Democrat.

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  6. While this is indeed very sad, I do have a question – How many people are killed by drunk drivers who aren’t illegals? I am not sure I see the connection with drunk driving and illegals unless you’re stating that these incidences are higher than average within their population.

    This goes for other illegal activities. Many crimes are committed by people who already have citizenship. I guess what I am saying is, I’m not sure if this angle works for me.

  7. However, it it is a matter of accountability, because an illegal is able to easily slip back over the border and hide out in Mexico, then I do see the point – that is, because of his status, he is not as easy to trace so that he can be held liable for his actions – as someone who has a social security number and pays taxes.

  8. Stiletto,

    To answer your question, way to many. To try and clarify my point; It can be reasonably assumed that if the borders were secured and illegal immigration laws were enforced, there would be NO innocent people killed by illegal aliens driving drunk. There would STILL be nearly a hundred thousand people killed by dumb ass American drunk drivers yes.

    As you can see by the theme of my site, I’ll be glad to exploit the 100% preventable illegal alien drunk drivers as a means to my goal of border security.


  9. By freely allowing illegal aliens in, Bush unleashes random cruise missiles on the road where the driver is as unaccountable as the computers in the Tomahawks. An American is held accountable for crimes becuse they can’t just slip under the border. An illegal needs only hides, assume a new alias, and return. Unless we had biometrics we can’t know who any one of them is.

    Also, with employers out to make a fast buck, they just say “here’s the keys, have a nice day” while they do check Americans. By letting employers make the fast buck, he unleashed this road-going cruise missile.

  10. Anonymous,

    I couldn’t agree with you more, with the exception of the biometrics ID part.

    Biometrics ID by the government on its citizens is what I believe to be a HUGE infringement on my Constitutional rights of privacy. I think the US Government would LOVE to use illegal aliens as an excuse to implement this “new world order” scheme.

    Closed borders and other checks along with an abandonment of self-destructive political correctness, would be enough to get a handle on the situation.

    I don’t trust an already untrustworthy government with biometric data. Sure, it’s a infrared scan of your fingerprint today but don’t think it won’t be a GPS micro chip buried under the skin of your armpit tomorrow.

    Think I’m crazy? Government grants have already paid for the R&D and production. There are several companies that are ready to implement the program now.

  11. Like Pearl Harbour America was a sleeping giant until provoked by the Japanese and they had there just reward.
    Sept 11 was not called for, if America did not react to this Terrorist attack who in the world would have the guts and power to stand against them.
    If no action was taken, imagine the targets that would have followed ,it would be world domination by terrorist. Thank god for America

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