Arizona HB-2779 – Finally, A Victory For The Good Guys

This legislation is a salute to the REAL American Farmers and Ranchers

[JURIST] Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano signed the Legal Arizona Workers Act Monday, legislation that requires employers to verify that employees are in the United States legally. In what Napolitano called “the most aggressive action in the country against employers who knowingly or intentionally hire undocumented workers,” employers who violate the law could have their business license suspended or, after a second offense, permanently revoked. In her signing statement, Napolitano, however, noted several problems with the new Arizona law, including the omission of an anti-discrimination clause and the lack of a “license revocation exception for businesses servicing critical infrastructure,” among others.  Read the complete story here.

Commentary:     This was a victory for everyone who has been trying to eek out an honest living (particularly those of us in the agriculture and construction sectors) while having to compete against those who are cheating the system by hiring illegal alien workers and paying them slave wages.  By denying job opportunity to the influx of illegal aliens, one would hope this legislation will help to curb the invasion.  It should at least make Arizona a less desirable final destination for these illegal aliens.

There are still the same old liberal socialists in state government that will continue to fight with every ounce of their being to destroy Arizona and the sovereignty of America.  Against these traitors to America we must remain vigilant in our opposition to their treachery.

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, felt bullied into approving a legislative fix and likened it to “legislating at gunpoint” and noted that HB 2779 “has the potential to put many hardworking Arizonans out of business.”

Yea, Arizonans working hard at cheating the system, breaking the law, and providing employment to your preferred future voter base. Isn’t it funny when Ms. Sinema doesn’t get a vote to go her way, it’s always because her side was “under duress” or “held at gunpoint”? We know that Kyrsten NEVER tries to “bully” her left wing socialist radical agenda on Arizona herself.  I wonder if she has a La Raza membership card in her purse, since her motto would appear to be,“POR LA RAZA TODO. FUERA DE LA RAZA NADA.” Her’s is the kind of asshattery we have been and will continue to be up against folks.  Trust me when  I tell you, there are some weaknesses in this legislation.  If they can in anyway be exploited and used to pick it apart, you can be sure that she and her ilk will try.

Just a side note:  Several times a week I check the Site Meter to get an idea of where in the world all of you are.  This site has been visited from 27 different countries and just about every state in the union.  I’m pleased that you are here and I hope you find useful information and links.  I do have one question.  Does ANYBODY in Fort Worth, Texas speak English!?  Practically every hit I get from Fort Worth reads this blog via in spanish.  Holy Cow!  Even the Mexican Secretary of State’s office in Mexico City reads me in English.  It must be as bad in Fort Worth as it is in parts of Arizona.


7 responses to “Arizona HB-2779 – Finally, A Victory For The Good Guys

  1. Greetings Arizona Resistance:

    It is as bad as it gets in Fort Worth because they started infesting my neighborhood 40 years ago.

    Although Spanish is the official language of Fort Worth now, I am fighting to have English re-instated!

    I am surrounded by illegal aliens, all of whom are gang members and criminals. They have been trying to run me out of my home for the past 20 years, but I won’t budge. I am so glad I did not move because now you cannot move far enough to get away from them. Canada had better build its own wall to keep them out.

    I fight them on every front by calling the police and testifying against them in court. This homeland war on terror will never be over, but I will never give up the fight.

    Our government has failed us miserably. So, the American citizens must take up this fight to save America from this hostile, illegal invasion from Mexico!

    We must organize and demand our rights as taxpayers.

    Fort Worth Resistance

  2. Carol,

    Keep the faith! And thank you for all that you do. You’re right, it’s up to us. Our government has let us down miserably. The America we once knew has become an oligarchy of the ruling class. By letting tens of millions of unskilled and uneducated invaders unwilling to assimilate and become citizens, into our country; The oligarchy can use them as an excuse for implimentation of the North American Union and new world order politics. Washington DC is trying their damnedest to disassemble America.

    Short of revolution, we can stop this asshattery by NOT returning incumbants to office. ANY incumbant. Now matter how well they do in their term, the system has proven time and time again that even the best become corrupted with tenure.

    I strongly suggest you visit my friend Nelson Walker at for some excellent ideas to help us take back our country.

    God bless you in your struggle.

    Arizona Resistance

  3. Carol Vanpell

    Thanks for the information. I will visit your friend’s website.

    I am a proud member of Numbers USA. During the recent debate of the Amnesty Bill, I contacted my senators every day and kept up the pressure. Both senators held their positions and defeated the bill.

    Because the fight is not over, I am now emailing the Numbers link to everyone I know.

    I agree with everything you have written and it really scares me. Our government has handed America to Mexico on a “silver platter.”

    I will fight till my last breath to save my father’s America from complete and total destruction by illegal aliens.

    It’s a travesty that the homeland is under siege, while our great and valiant Military is defending the borders of the rest of the world!

    We need to march on Washington!

    Thanks for fighting for America!

    Fort Worth Resistance

  4. Carol,

    Numbers USA is a great place filled with tons of useful information. As you can see, I keep it linked in the sidebar.

    Marching on Washington has been done so many times by so many different causes, that it doesn’t even get much media attention these days. It certainly does not get the attention of the Oligarchy who remain tucked comfortably away behind closed doors in the ivory towers of the capitol.

    I like to ponder the yonder on what the effects on government would be if NOT ONE INCUMBENT were sent back to Washington. I would bet that we would see an immediate change in corruption and “back room dealings”. I know that the political ideologies between Republicans and Democrats would still be competitive for control, but it’s fun to think about.

    As it stands in the Senate, the parties are split about right down the middle. If people in EVERY state could collectively agree that incumbents are ruining America through corruption and vow to vote for the challenger in every race… we would then have a completely new Senate void of the corruption of tenure with little change in political representation of the parties. Continue that until term limits are enacted and problem solved.

    Arizona Resistance

  5. Well said!

    The “symbolic” march was very effective and no one had to leave home.

    If everyone gets one new Numbers USA member, who gets one new member, etc., the membership will increase exponentially. Maybe not at the same rate as the illegal aliens are having anchor babies but, it’s a step in the right direction!

    The current level of corruption in our government crosses into the territory of treason. If Numbers USA and other pro-American organizations continue to grow, maybe we can boot these traitors out of office.

    Best of luck in all your endeavors and keep up the good work!

    Fort Worth Resistance

  6. It is amazing to see the ignorance of people. They fear what they refuse to know, jodging every one by their language. I am happy that this law was pass. However, I will not be so ignorance as to jodge other just by the language that they speck.

    Ignorance is the weakness of few, making the whole as week as the few…

    People fear that Hispanics are taking all the jobs. It is not their fall that WHITES are so week and so poor of a workers. If the white will stop being so week workers this would be happening.

    NO we don’t what to work, however, we complaint we some one else take our jobs. Stop been baby and take the lead on been a fit worker and not a lasy fat boy.

  7. You’re right. It IS amazing to see the ignorance (and blatant racism) in some people. I think you missed the point of the post.

    But then I can see how you can be so easily distracted from the content of the post when you’re just chompin’ at the bit to yell racism and fall into the comfortable and familiar roll of victim every time someone points out that in America, we speak English.

    It’s gotten old and worn out. The race card you like to play has been overplayed to the point that it has lost any value.

    Why is it that many of those who come from the most racist country and society in North America, think that upon arrival here, they are immediately victims of racism every time someone expects them to assimilate into their newly adopted country.

    Ah yes. Self-loathing white liberals. Well guess what. I’m not one of them. And even the self-loathing white liberals are getting tired of it.

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