Sen. Jon “Benedict” Kyl’s Voter Dissatisfaction Program

Sen. Kyl owes you a refund.

Posted July 5, 2007 (Note: We think this program will work for any GOP politician you have donated to and been shafted by.)

At last Thursday’s USA (United for A Sovereign America) Town Hall in Phoenix, we heard some exciting news for dissatisfied 2006 campaign donors!

Everyone can participate, even if you didn’t donate or live outside Arizona!

A first-time attender at Thursday’s Town Hall told how he gave financial support after hearing Senator Kyl’s 2006 campaign promises to oppose illegal alien amnesty. After Kyl’s re-election, he expected those campaign promises would be kept. When Kyl not only supported amnesty but became George Bush’s bag-man to gather the support of other Republican senators, this Arizona voter joined others in anger and outrage. But he did more than that!

This voter is a lawyer, and recognized fraud by a political candidate. He contacted Jake Logan and Tara Morgan of the Kyl campaign staff, and he received his refund in last Friday’s mail.

That means that everyone who donated to the Kyl campaign can participate in the “Kyl Money-Back Policy.

If you donated to the Republican Party based on its, claimed opposition to illegal alien amnesty or Kyl’s similar promise, you can apply for refund under the Republican Party’s Member Services Refund.

Now that it’s obvious Kyl had no intention of keeping his “I won’t support illegal alien amnesty” promise, why not get your money back. Don’t tolerate having politicians lie to voters.


(1) Print the 2-page “Kyl Voter Dissatisfaction Form” on your printer. 

(2) Mail your survey to Kyl’s Phoenix district office (include your name & address but leave the rebate information blank).

(3) If you donated, print out the 2 pages again, add your name, address & donation information and mail to the address(es) indicated.

(4) Tell Lou Dobbs of CNN about asking for your “dissatisfaction rebate by e-mailing him here. It’s the kind of story he likes hearing.

(5) Share this bulletin with friends, family and other activists. Post it on blogs. The more responses Kyl gets, the better.

Download your refund form here.


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