Senators Are Secretly Trying To Destroy America!

Could this be your new flag?

Commentary:     I’m not sure how it went un-noticed, many of us read that damn amnesty bill cover to cover.  It seems our illustrious and quite treasonous senators managed to slip language into the recently, and I might add temporarily defeated amnesty bill, that would have helped to bring forth the North American Union a lot quicker.  It’s no wonder President Bush was pushing the shamnesty bill so hard.  Americans, the few of us that are still left, must come together more than ever to STOP RETURNING THESE TREASONOUS AND CORRUPT POLITICIANS!  The incumbents, both Republican and Democrat alike are hell bent on destroying this country.  There should only be two questions to ask a candidate for office in these next several election cycles.  Will you secure America’s borders?  And, will you work against the destruction of America and the forming of a North American Union?  America is in jeopardy and we must be ever so careful with the selection of those we elect if we want there to still be an America for our children.  The ruling class in DC and most all of the current Senate members are pushing this hard and fast.  If we don’t act quick to stop it, we will most likely see the fruition of this travesty in the next several years.

America is finished.

Mexico and Canada are gone too.

In their place: One massive country, the North American Union (NAU), bordered by the Bering Sea to the north and Guatemala to the south, the Atlantic to the east and the Pacific to the west.

NAU citizens no longer spend dollars or salute Old Glory. They spend “ameros,” and the flag that waves over its capitals shows the entire Western Hemisphere.  

The national borders of the United States have been forever erased. While that scenario may sound far-fetched, critics of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) warn that future could be here sooner than anyone realizes.

President Bush, Mexican President Vincente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin informally agreed to set up the SPP in 2005.

Not so well known is the fact that supporters of the NAU concept slipped an initiative into the recently defeated immigration reform act. Largely unnoticed amidst the amnesty furor that ultimately sunk the Immigration Bill was the statement, “It is the sense of Congress that the United States and Mexico should accelerate the implementation of the Partnership for Prosperity to help generate economic growth and improve the standard of living in Mexico.”

The bill called for measures to boost the economy of Mexico, including:

  • U.S. support for Mexico, to strengthen its education and training programs.
  • A call for better health care for “poor and underserved” people in Mexico.
  • And U.S. assistance to “establish a program with the private sector to cover the health care needs of Mexican nationals temporarily employed in the United States.”
  • The bill also called for U.S. assistance to Mexican businesses and government to eliminate corruption, which it termed, “the single biggest obstacle to development.””This was the first attempt by the SPP to go public, and it failed,” says Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of The Late Great USA. They thought nobody would notice. They were wrong.”Corsi called the SPP “a coup d-etat by bureaucratic means,” adding that it works underhandedly like a shadow government. “It is an attempt to turn North America into something like the European Economic Community,” he says, “which began with economic cooperation and expanded eventually to include a common market, and then a full-scale regional government replacing, in many ways, the governing powers of the member nations.”     
  •  The complete story in full detail can be read here along with the very few legislators that are opposing this asshatted scheme to destroy whats left of the America we knew.


    3 responses to “Senators Are Secretly Trying To Destroy America!

    1. jeremiasx,

      Your apathy is just what has been counted on.

    2. It’s all true, american idiots need to look around to see the new tijuana, I can point out that chicago is the new tijuana, the crime, kidnapping, hooking on the streets and descrimination against english speaking americans is deplorable, yet.. .

      it is happening here, now.. we need to put the politicians responsible in front of a firing squad just like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson would.. america, we need you to grow some balls and be AMERICA again, screw this politically correct crap, we will be a third world slum like england and the rest that are already invaded by pakistanis and the like that enforce sharia law, then rape and murder white european women for not wearing a burka.. get your asses off the couch, drop the damn video game controller and have a spine and fight with your lives damn it!!!!

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