I.C.E. Not Very Interested In Illegal Alien Reports

 The I.C.E. Man

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

ICE is located on the Internet at http://www.ice.gov/

If you call any ICE office to report illegal aliens, they refer you to the “Tip Line” at 1-866-347-2423.

Here you are given the option of pressing 1 for help with immigration and obtaining citizenship and pressing 2 to report illegal or suspicious activity. Of course, they warn you that you will be prosecuted for giving false information and then say that all personnel are busy please stay on the line. Then you are disconnected. Repeated calls get the same treatment and then are disconnected.

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Ok, I’ve had about as much of this as I can take.  I am fed up with our government turning their heads and letting this invasion and all the vermin associated with it run rampant.  The Guy From Boston speaks for me on the subject.

Tell the youngins’ to leave the room.  If you’re easily offended by real and passionate street language… then don’t watch the tape. 

Ladies and Gentlemen,  The Guy From Boston.


3 responses to “I.C.E. Not Very Interested In Illegal Alien Reports

  1. I love the Guy From Boston! I agree with him completely.

    Americans have reached the boiling point on the issue of illegal aliens. These alien criminals have infested all of America! The border states have been dealing with this problem for the past 40 years. Now it’s everyone’s problem…!

    Sometimes, it’s necessary to use profanity to describe a very profane, disgusting and intolerable situation.

    This is one of those times.

  2. Carol,

    I like your new site and I wish you ALL the best of luck. Feel free to cross post from here and use anything you’d like for your site. Ours is a team effort. Until we all band together, we will continue to lose ground to the invasion. I, like you, battle the vermin in my own neighborhood everyday. We saw what unity can accomplish with the Shamnesty bill. The whole country came together in outrage. Sadly, we’ve lost much of that momentum. It’s Americans such as ourselves that need to keep the fire burning and stay diligently in the fight.

    Thank you for the link. I have proudly reciprocated in kind.


    Arizona Resistance

  3. He tells it as it is yet nobody does anything about it.

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