GOV’T CORRUPTION RUNS AMOK! AZ Dept. of Revenue And I.R.S. Conspire In Illegal Alien Criminality


Posted by zoo

On  July 31st 2007

Do you ever wonder WHO the illegal aliens are, WHERE they live, and WHO is illegally employing them? Much of that information is in the hands of the Arizona Department of Revenue and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Apparently, these two government agencies are IMMUNE to prosecution under federal immigration statutes pertaining to “aiding and abetting”. Their role in the criminal chain starting at the White House is to either collect tax on illegally-earned wages OR assist illegal alien criminals by converting YOUR tax dollars into refund checks.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service KNOWINGLY issues “Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers” (ITIN) to illegal aliens who apply for them. The ITIN is a nine digit number (like an SSN) that ALWAYS begins with a 9 (nine). Here are some highlights of an I.R.S. form:


The following is true about your assigned ITIN:

It is for federal tax purposes only, for example, to file a tax return

It is not a social security number (SSN) but an identification number issued by IRS

It does not entitle you to social security benefits or the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

If you do not use ITIN to file a tax return or other federal purpose, it can be revoked

It does not change your immigration status or make you eligible to work in the United States

If you become a U.S. citizen, or legal resident alien authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services, you will be eligible to get an SSN.

In that the IRS rules specifically EXCLUDES use of the Earned Income Credit, most illegal aliens would not be subject to a “refund” and might, like everyone else, have to pay in more tax with their return. So the likelihood that illegal aliens even file a federal tax return is remote, even though that is all the ITIN is good for. It is a good bet under the Bush administration that the Earned Income Credit IS being allowed by the I.R.S. either intentionally or by massive, overwhelming fraud by filers.

Now lets bring things a little closer to home. The Arizona Department of Revenue is KNOWINGLY accepting STATE OF ARIZONA tax returns from illegal aliens and sending out taxpayers dollars in refund checks. If that raises your blood pressure, read this:

1) The returns (all “refunds”) are being predominately compiled by “Hispancic” tax preparation services, which is a growing and very profitable fraud industry

2) These state returns are being filed USING the federal ITIN, which is expressly forbidden by the IRS

3) While the IRS specifically forbids the use of the Earned Income Credit on such returns, the Arizona D.O.R. is allowing use of the Arizona equivalent, the “Family Tax Credit”, which produces a refund 99 times out of 100. Example: an illegal alien with a spouse and one child has an income of $19,000.00; state income withholding of $20.00 (that’s right – $20.00) from one year’s pay; refund from Arizona D.O.R. $75.00 with Family Tax Credit

4) There is a current trend of illegal aliens filing these returns for MULTIPLE TAX YEARS. The Mexican tax preparation services are coaching illegals to file back as far as when they crossed the border illegally into Arizona. This could be generating total refunds averaging $300-$400 or more per illegal alien “family”. “Dependents” are NOT restricted to spouse and children; they include parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and cousins, or whoever has flopped into the illegal household. There are many instances of single, illegal Mexican men, filing as “head of household” over four or five dependents. “Stepchild” or “foster child” is a popular ruse used to defraud an overwhelmed and indifferent tax authority. Of course, when you steal across the international border in 130 degree heat with nothing but a menudo fork to your name, the first thing you want to do in the new homeland is “adopt”. Isn’t it nice to know your tax dollars are supporting “drop” or “safe” houses packed to the rafters with illegal alien criminals?

5) Filed with these returns are W-2 forms from the illegal alien criminal employers, many with ZERO withholding for Arizona state tax. ALL of these W-2 forms show REAL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS which have been stolen or “borrowed”, and which have been used by criminal employers to “report” wages to the IRS and AZ D.O.R. This demonstrates beyond any doubt that employers are KNOWINGLY employing people whose social security numbers strike up a TILT. In some instances, the names on the W-2 forms DO NOT MATCH the name of the filer on the tax return!

We all understand that treasonous cheap-labor criminal George W. Bush has full control of federal agencies, which he commands to serve his illegal cheap-labor / high profit criminal cartel. But why is an Arizona State agency allowed to be a coconspirator in the sale of America for cheap labor profits at taxpayer expense?

The Arizona Department of Revenue knows THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of illegal alien criminals by name including their illegal “dependents”. THEY KNOW WHERE THE LIVE. THEY KNOW WHERE THEY WORK. THEY KNOW WHO IS EMPLOYING THEM. THEY KNOW THEY ARE USING STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS.

Where are our Arizona state legislators while this is going on? Why isn’t the information in these filings (predominately from Maricopa county) being sent to the Maricopa county attorney and the Maricopa country sheriff’s office? Why is the Arizona Department of Revenue sending out our tax dollars in the form of “refunds” to KNOWN ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS? Why isn’t the Director of the Arizona Department of Revenue in prison? Why aren’t governor Napolitano and attorney general Goddard in prison with him? And why aren’t several thousand Arizona employers in shackles for social security fraud?

The regular, everyday citizens of America have no idea just how deep the George Bush cheap-labor criminal cartel conspiracy runs. Now we have to decide if the massive number of participants involved are suffering from good ‘ol American greed or do they represent a country fully infiltrated and saturated by Communist operatives. What better plan to destroy a country than for a Communist government regime to aid and abet a massive invasion of sovereignty and eventually thrust the country into civil war? An “immigration audit” needs to be performed on every state, county, and local government to determine the full extent of cheap-labor driven corruption and criminality. They are operating on YOUR money, and STEALING the future of your children, grandchildren, and the country your parents and their parents built.


“Migrant” Filings Rise, Tax Preparers Report

A special tip of the hat to zoo.  He is ALWAYS on top of his game and is probably one of the MOST informed individuals there are, in regards to illegal immigration and all of the asshattery associated with it, in the country.  He posts and comments regularly on

If you found this interesting and wish to know more dirty secrets about the IRS, check this out.


4 responses to “GOV’T CORRUPTION RUNS AMOK! AZ Dept. of Revenue And I.R.S. Conspire In Illegal Alien Criminality

  1. Must of this article, is full of hate and untrue information. We are becoming worse that the Illegal Aliens. Yes, we have the courage to speak, please; we don’t want to become the garbage we are trying to remove from this country.

    We are a society that is supposed to be educated and Christian. Please don’t become what we say about others.

    Anyway, we did it to the Indians, so what the hell with the Mexicans, Right?

  2. Rafel,

    If you are a LEGAL immigrant to the United States, then I welcome you. I’m glad you’re here and I wish you all the best in living the “American Dream”. I, we hold no animosity towards legal immigrants willing to assimilate into the American culture. However, if you’re an illegal immigrant with no right or standing to be here, then get the hell out!

    As far as this article goes, I invite you to start pointing out the parts that are untrue. This article is as real and factual as it gets my friend. Same goes for every post you read here today.

  3. I’m glad that others are starting to recognize that the Bush does indeed act like the head of a drug and human smuggling cartel. He has his pet consigliere, Johnny Sutton, and a hand picked few others prosecuting lawmen who uphold our laws, and hands the smugglers free pass cards to come and go with their cargo, human or drugs. We will have to carefully select the next president so we dont have one pardoning Bush for his cartel like activities. Any possibility of Bush being prosecuted are slim anyway. He has a huge section of land that he bought in Paraguay, like 40,000 acres. It was in the news of a bunch of South American countries last year. Maybe it’ll be called Bushville?

    That picture of Bush over to the right pretty much sums it up.

  4. Maybe Bush should consider himself a Mexican president, since he does not listen to the American people, and favors illegal aliens and gives them rights to stay here by not enforcing our immegration laws!Far as im concered, he is a traitor,and when his presidency is over, he should start making residency to Mexico by moving there, that would be ‘Muy bueno’!!

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