Surprise! RidersUSA Strikes Again

 RidersUSA in Surprise, AZ

This time in the City of Surprise, Arizona.  RidersUSA in conjunction with other groups and private citizens arrived in Surprise, a suburb of Phoenix to take over and protest on a vacant lot that has been a Mecca for illegal alien day laborers.  The site has been watched for quite some time and has been known to host over a hundred day laborers waiting for lawbreaking businesses and contractors to come by and illegally pick them up for cheap labor and slave wages.

 Some of us.

According to US Code TITLE 8, Chapter 12, Sub. 2, Part 9 1324a;  it is in violation of federal law to hire illegal aliens.  Yet, dozens upon dozens of contractors and businesses do it everyday at the intersection of Greenway Road & Grand Avenue.  So much so that illegal alien day laborers show up there everyday waiting to be picked up.

The City of Surprise is trying to pass an ordinance making this activity illegal.  Due to many rallys and events being held the same day throughout the valley, only a small contingent of RidersUSA was available for this location on Saturday to help lend support to the ordinance.  Many private citizens joined us.  Several people who saw us protesting, parked their cars, picked up a sign, and joined us in our effort.  

 The Good Doctor

A wonderful American Patriot whom I will refer to as The Good Doctor, was out on Grand Ave. and Greenway with her bull horn stating the laws chapter and verse.  She is a brilliant woman armed to the teeth with facts and knowledge.  She’s pretty funny too.  She got out of her car, walked up to the group of bikers getting signs together and said, “Good morning girls, let’s get to work!”  With that, our little protest had begun.

Sally Davis of Oregon’s Mom Helping To Stop Illegal Alien Day Laborer Pick-up Locations In Arizona.

Sally Davis of Oregon, your mother wanted you to know she was there.

There was a HUGE show of support from the Surprise Police Dept., the El Mirage Police Dept. and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept.  All three agencies were on site during the protest and did a wonderful job in keeping the peace over what was a rather irate gathering of illegal alien opposition.  We showed up on what they regarded as “their turf”.  These illegals had obviously never been confronted in such a manner as this in their own front yard.  It’s about time. 

 Does this look like someone who wants to be an American citizen?

On several occasions throughout the morning we were politely confronted by what I assume to be American citizens of Hispanic ancestry and asked to explain our opposition to “people just looking for work”.  We politely did, and in a few cases parted ways agreeing to disagree.  Most other times the inquirers where not really at all interested in our stance in the issue.  They said their piece and when we attempted to explain ours, we were called modern Nazis.  Ironic when you consider that the La Raza pro illegal immigrant mindset appears to be based in Mexican “national socialism”.  By nature of the definition, that would make them the Nazis.

There was one jerk that showed up in support of the lawless illegal aliens claiming to be a former Glendale police officer who quit “because of the politics”, and obviously no longer had any respect for the law.  He looked rather young.  If he in fact left the force after only seven years, he must have joined the force when he was twelve.  This guy was a clown.  If he and his ilk are the ones promoting the illegal alien amnesty mistake, we may just have a good chance to continue defeating it. 

Buffalo Rick 

The guy made the mistake of mouthing off to Buffalo Rick.  Rick is not one to back down in an argument.  In fact, he will verbally bury you quickly.  One thing NOBODY should EVER do is question the man’s patriotism and loyalty to America and the American dream.  There are several people in America today that whether you agree or disagree with their opinions, they’ve earned the right through brutal bloody sacrifice and service to this country to voice their opinion.  Buffalo Rick is one of those people.  He’s an honest to goodness American hero.  He doesn’t need some punk ass kid who has proven himself to be a traitor to his country and a quitter in his community trying to lecture him on anything.  You’re part of the problem kid.  Grow up and be an American.

All in all it was a good morning.  We definitely stirred the pot with our presence. 

Veiw more pictures here.

4 responses to “Surprise! RidersUSA Strikes Again

  1. As far as motorcycles and illegal day labors, see where it all started in Arizona, this coming Saturday August 26 in Cave Creek, AZ. On the main road you can not miss it. RidersUSA will be holding an event in front of the CHURCH Day labor site. Starts at 6:00 am, ends at 9:00am.
    And yes, the illegals were pissed we took over their employment center in Surprise for the day last saturday!!

  2. Tim,

    I took the liberty of adding a couple of links to your comment referencing the event last year and the location. I hope you don’t mind

    I have a bit of work to do on my bike this week but I plan on being there. I look forward to seeing everybody and applying some pressure on the Cave Creek Illegal Alien Employment Center.

  3. I thank you for the glowing words, but I’m not a hero! I’m just part of the dwindling middle class of America, being told to sacrafice our upward mobility and education, for the sake of improving the lives of ignorant third world criminals! I’ll be Damned if I will ever accept that as my fate as an American!
    Compassion starts at home, and we are desperately in need showing more compassion for our LEGAL American citizens!
    I suffered my crippling wound as a result of exposure to Agent Orange, while serving in Vietnam in 1969, not as a result of direct combat. I fear my next wound will come on the front lines of this battle to stop the invasion of our country, by every third world nation’s wandering masses. However, I don’t fear the wound or the battle, I fear that there will not be enough patriots on the front lines when the shooting starts. I have no doubt of this!

    The question each and every citizen must ask themselves, before the battle begins is, Do I think America and what it has provided for me, is worth fighting for? I know it is and will fight to the death to keep America sovereign and strong!
    And remember, everytime you drive by one of our demonstrations, your looking at an entire platoon of American Patriots! Heroes? Only if we prevail! If we fail, we will forever be branded as the radicals that wanted to keep that evil American system alive!

  4. Rick,

    I know your story. People talk about you in admiration more than you’ll ever know.

    You’re too damn humble! That’s just one more reason why you’re as respected as you are.

    Additional Comment: 8/21/07 7:13pm

    I have read what you posted here several times. One thing grabs my attention. It’s coming, isn’t it. We know what I’m talking about. I’ve been giving that same notion much thought lately. You don’t have to be a genius to see the writing on the wall. Out numbered we may well be, the outcome uncertain. But rest assured my friend; I’ll be there. Win or lose, I’m in for the fight. While I have no faith in government, I love America.

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