Virginia Gutierrez; Victim Of Illegal Alien Parents


When 18 year old Virginia Gutierrez was pulled over last August 11th in Phoenix for driving with her lights off, the last thing she probably expected was that she would be deported back to Mexico in less than a week. The honors student graduate from North High School, who had received a fair share of scholarship money and was planning to attend ASU, was an illegal alien.

Her supporters are trying to get her sent back to the U.S. and are screaming accusations of injustice and unfairness. Injustice? It would appear that justice has been served. Unfairness? Well, I’ll agree with that. It was unfair that her lawbreaking parents didn’t care enough about her future to have their daughter LEGALLY educated in the United States. It was unfair that though they knew they were unlawfully residing in America and reaping the benefits of an education for Virginia at the taxpayers expense, that they allowed her to become complacent in the knowledge that she was here illegally. No matter how well she did in school, no matter how friendly and nice she was, no matter how pretty and bright… she was an illegal alien who would forever be limited in her future and her freedom without proof of citizenship. The law is the law. Justice was served and, life is unfair.

It would appear that Virginia Gutierrez is continuing to exhibit that she is far more intelligent than her lawbreaking parents who brought her across the border when she was only a child. Rather than risk forced deportation proceedings and not be allowed back into the U.S. for a minimum of ten years, she voluntarily accepted deportation where she can now, while in Mexico, apply for a student visa. She will most likely return to the U.S. under such a visa and hopefully for her sake, apply for citizenship. With a little luck and her continued good grades and work ethic, she just might be a U.S. citizen by the time she graduates college.

As for her parents, they have no one to blame for this but themselves. They continue to hide in the shadows and live the lives of criminals trying to cheat the system and ignore the laws of citizenship. While their daughter has paid the price for their criminal behavior and is attempting to go about things the legal and correct way, her parents sit here comfortably in the U.S. and yell accusations of injustice and unfairness. Mr. and Mrs. Gutierrez, there is much you can learn from your daughter.

We wish the best of luck to Virginia.  We hope she is able to secure a student visa post haste and continue her education.  We hope she applies for citizenship and becomes an American citizen.

** It should be noted that when this was first posted we had a very nice complementary picture of Virginia.  Apparently we were not “allowed” to use the original and it was removed.  Therefore, we were forced to use the only other picture available.  That being, her police mugshot from the evening news.


6 responses to “Virginia Gutierrez; Victim Of Illegal Alien Parents

  1. actuly i think the pic you where talking about was on her myspace page so unless she or myspace drictly tell you no, then there should be no reason you cant.

  2. We were unaware of her MySpace page. It didn’t come up in our searches. Unless her family were to email me a different picture, this one is the only one I’ve been “allowed” to use. Based on the overall theme of this blog, I don’t think that will be happening.

    Besides, I saw pictures of the rally for her and her “mugshot” picture was prominantly displayed on signs by her supporters. So, I don’t think it’s a big deal to anyone.

    We at the Arizona Resistance sincerely hope that Virginia is able to LEGALLY re-enter the U.S. and continue her education toward her goal of becoming a doctor.

  3. She didn’t have a myspace…. that picture was taken while she was in jail. and yes we all hope that shes able to come back legally and be able to follow her dreams

  4. Nena,

    I can assure you that the picture that anonymous and I are referencing was NOT taken in jail. You are confused or, you don’t read well. The picture you see here on this site, is most certainly a picture of her taken in jail.

  5. So her parents are still here in the US illegally????
    Aren’t there good colleges in Mexico she could attend?? She could get In-State tuition in her country of origin could she not?
    She broke a law to help her with a law her parents broke?
    20 years of this crap – well someones gonna get hurt in the clean-up of this mess and there is no stopping it. I still say, why haven’t her parents been on TV – simple – they are law breakers and will be deported if they surface.
    I don’t feel sorry for her or her parents near as much as I do all the legal citizens that have their benefts diluted because Virginia and the like are using someone else’s portion.

  6. Sure it’s a tragedy. And, the young lady could be an innocent victim of the crime her parents perpetuated.
    However, it’s not any different for the kids, wives, husbands & family members of people whom end up in jail due to crimes such as Murder, Rape, embezzlement, racketeering, grand theft, ETC. It hurts every on associated with the person whom is made to atone for a crime.
    There is no outstanding reason for this young lady to be considered a victim worthy of being main stream news headlines.
    FACT: Her parents really let her down by living in denial that our laws mean “anything”. I’ll bet they didn’t advertise what they were doing till they had to.
    Well, dear people. This shitty situation was created by your actions. And, our laws do mean something. Perhaps you should tell others to not break our laws. It’s not a joke. It’s to be taken seriously. And, it has consequences.
    And, the very idea, this crying about U.S. citizens being “racist”? is a pile of horse dung.

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