Life has its priorities.

I know this news will sadden one or two of you and elate hundreds of others.  But since nobody else here at the Arizona Resistance is willing to post and maintain this blog in my stead, things will quiet down here for a bit.  Duty and work call.  Big project starts Monday and yours truly is involved completely.  So with the exception of a possible visit or two or more (hopefully) from Jim Byrd of A Skewed View, I’m outta here for the next 3 – 7 weeks.  If I can make it to a computer I will.  But it doesn’t appear likely.  Gotta go chase the dollar.  Keep the pressure on those crooks in Washington and I’ll be back soon enough.


3 responses to “Life has its priorities.

  1. Yes it saddens us, but we understand that there are some of us who need to pay the bills. You will be missed and our thoughts will be with you as we continue the fight to keep America sovereign. When you get back, hopefully we will be able to get together and have a good smoke after a long ride on the two wheelers.
    Keep the faith, stay safe and bring home the bacon for the Mrs.

  2. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    Hooray 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Yep, I’m back. It was good to hear from you yesterday Tim. I appreciate the call. Isn’t it funny how when you go do big jobs out of state and earn lots of money, the first thing the Mrs. wants to do when you get home is go furniture shopping. (Or, should I say furniture BUYING!)

    When you called, we had just pulled up to the third store of the day. I thought your call would save me hundreds of dollars by staying in the car and chatting with you. But NO!!!! You and your polite insistance that I go spend some time with my wife meant we came home to find THREE furniture trucks waiting in front of our house when we came home from a day of shopping instead of just two.

    Thanks buddy.

    In regards to the past six weeks. I was quite surprised at the unexpected validation of idiology I saw and heard from our nieghbors in New Mexico and beyond. I worked alongside and delt with on a daily basis, legal immigrants from several countries including Mexico and Iran. I spoke with a Navajo Nation politician regarding illegal immigration and other issues. I was actually surprised how they shared the same views as myself.

    I hope to elaborate on some of these conversations in the near future. But for now, It’s just nice to be home and sleeping in my own bed after six weeks on the road.

    Thanks Tim.

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