Are Texas Companies Hiring Illegals To Work In Arizona?

Texas companies hiring illegal aliens to work in Arizona 

This is the “busy” season in my line of work and I’ve been back on twelve hour shifts, seven days a week.  It’s nice to have today off.  Back to six, ten hour shifts on Monday.  I’ve obviously been to busy to post in recent weeks but I have made some interesting first hand observations regarding the employment of illegal aliens in Arizona.

As a few of you know, I work in the industrial construction sector.  Most all of our job-sites are power generating stations across the United States.  In Arizona, maybe because of recently passed laws, there are few if any companies working these contracts with illegal alien labor.  However, Texas and California companies ARE working these contracts with an overwhelming majority of their workforce being unskilled low paid “residents” of these states.  One of the journeymen I work with is hispanic and fluent in spanish.  He has talked to many of the out of state workers who have told him point blank with no reservation that they are mostly from Mexico.  It costs less than one weeks wages for the fraudulent documentation necessary to gain employment with these construction companies in Texas.  For an additional fee, you can get your papers up front and pay later.  Another worker told us that all he and his friends needed was a word of mouth referral from another worker to get on the payroll, and that the company gave you a month to get the fraudulent paperwork turned in to their office.  He and his friends all hired on in San Antonio.

So there you have it.  That is how some major industrial construction companies in Texas are hiring illegal aliens and providing them with a months wages to gain fraudulent paperwork to work and reside in the United States.  In this case, Arizona.  We were told that on this particular job, working for this particular employer, that easily eighty workers out of the one hundred and ten, were from Mexico and had hired on in the manner explained.


2 responses to “Are Texas Companies Hiring Illegals To Work In Arizona?

  1. Unfortunately y0u are right about the immigration situation in Texas.

    Can we just send you Rick Perry?

    It may not be getting any better as Kay Bailey Hutchinson, one of our two senators, voted for cloture in the last go around of the dream act and she is probably going to run for Governor of Texas.

  2. First – It good to see activity again on the site again sir.
    Second – We’ve waged a good fight over the past year, stopping Amnesty and forcing (through our demonstrations), some authorities to take action. In some cases, we’ve been instrumental in giving others the courage to speak out through the shear comfort of numbers. But thinking about the issue from a bigger perspective, who are the ones that really need to be changed. I think it all boils down to the judges. And to get to them, you need to get to who appointed them. And to do that, well it’s done behind that little curtain at the voting booth. If we took all the energies of emails, protesting, bitching and moaning (I do my fair share of that), etc etc and channeled that into securing enough votes to put the right people in office, we’d have the nut cracked. But that isn’t as satisfying, that doesn’t get the juices flowing compared to a rally or protest. It’s a lot of hard work and the results are not immediate. But I beleive that is the ONLY answer. Hope everyone gets out and Votes on Tuesday.
    And again, glad you’re back sir!!

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