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Arizona Resistance


An Arizona Resistance Update

It’s been a full year now since the Arizona Resistance first came online.  We, myself in particular, have been giving much thought as to where we started and where we are now.  There will be more on the Arizona Resistance year in review in the next couple of days on our new site.

That’s right!  We’ve moved.  The controller of the purse strings wasn’t all that impressed with this site in the beginning and wasn’t sure it was even worth our while, let alone our funds.  In the past year the monetary powers that be, has concluded that we just might be making a difference and has given me a small budget to play with.  Therefore, we now have our own domain, host, and soon to come, much more.

Please in the future find us at  Those of you that link to this site, a million thanks.  If you could also link to our new home it would be greatly appreciated.  This site will remain up as a reference and archives source. 

Thank you ALL for what we consider to have been a very good year.  We hope to see you all at

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Illegal Immigrants Leaving Arizona

The hard working pillars of society type illegal aliens.

It was an honor to have Texas Fred stop by this past weekend and chastise me for not posting as regularly as I had been earlier in the year.  Thank you also to many others who have sent me email and called me on the phone to make sure I’m ok.  I assure you everything is just fine.  As I’ve said a few times in previous posts, I have been absolutely swamped with work.  Even though I’ve been working 60 and 70 hour weeks, I’m grateful I haven’t lost my job to an illegal alien… yet.

I received the best Christmas present ever last week while driving to work at 4a.m.  I was listening to the CBS national news and the big story of the day was that illegal aliens were going back to Mexico for the holidays as they do every year.  But this time, many are planning on not coming back.  The talking head news babe on the radio, pointed to Arizona’s new employer sanctions law ( the recently passed Arizona HB-2779, full text of it can be read here) as the reason that the law breaking illegals no longer felt safe in Arizona.  The story has made several other main stream media outlets in the past week including USA Today’s liberal tear jerking story here.  In every report, the underlying message is there.  Unsaid, but there.  Arizona’s HB-2779 is apparently a success and, it hasn’t even taken effect yet.  We can only hope that more states feeling the social and economic strains of the largest illegal alien invasion this country has ever experienced, enact similar employer sanctions laws.  The good news on the world stage is this.  Hopefully Mexico will get a large part of it workforce back.  Maybe, the majority of those returning will have been schooled in good ole American capitalism and have a desire to start businesses and opportunity in Mexico.  Maybe, these returning Mexicans might be able to effect political change in their own corrupt government so that the might (as my Grandmother used to say) “bloom where they’re planted.”

I would like to thank each of you for all you have done this past year to support this endeavor of saving America.  From the thousands of websites in the blogoshpere trying to keep America informed as to the illegal alien invasion and the corrupt political oligarchs allowing it to happen; to the millions of Americans who have blatantly shunned the propaganda spewed by the main stream media and sought out the truth for themselves.  It’s been an eventful year for us all with many battles lost and even more won.  Continue the fight in 2008 and we might just have America back someday.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year to you all.

Join The Arizona Tax Revolt

The Arizona Tax Revolt

The Arizona Resistance would like to help spread the word about the wonderful things the good people at the Arizona Tax Revolt are doing.  Please visit them by clicking on their logo above or here at

The Arizona Resistance proudly endorses the efforts of The Arizona Tax Revolt.

Property taxes have been funding many of the programs that support illegal aliens. It is estimated that 20% of the K-12 students in Arizona schools are illegal aliens that do not belong in this country. As long as government is allowed to increase our taxes there is little incentive for them to close the borders and crack down on the employers that would sell our country down the river for a good quarterly profit report.

Read more about our plan at http://www.ArizonaTaxRevolt.ORG and join the effort by filling out the “volunteer form.” A little bit of your time and a few dollars now will go a long way to solving the illegal alien situation by cutting off at least some of our tax dollars. In addition the measures will make property taxes predictable and affordable so that law abiding US citizens will not be taxed out of their homes.

Marc Goldstone, Chairman – Arizona Tax Revolt

Are Texas Companies Hiring Illegals To Work In Arizona?

Texas companies hiring illegal aliens to work in Arizona 

This is the “busy” season in my line of work and I’ve been back on twelve hour shifts, seven days a week.  It’s nice to have today off.  Back to six, ten hour shifts on Monday.  I’ve obviously been to busy to post in recent weeks but I have made some interesting first hand observations regarding the employment of illegal aliens in Arizona.

As a few of you know, I work in the industrial construction sector.  Most all of our job-sites are power generating stations across the United States.  In Arizona, maybe because of recently passed laws, there are few if any companies working these contracts with illegal alien labor.  However, Texas and California companies ARE working these contracts with an overwhelming majority of their workforce being unskilled low paid “residents” of these states.  One of the journeymen I work with is hispanic and fluent in spanish.  He has talked to many of the out of state workers who have told him point blank with no reservation that they are mostly from Mexico.  It costs less than one weeks wages for the fraudulent documentation necessary to gain employment with these construction companies in Texas.  For an additional fee, you can get your papers up front and pay later.  Another worker told us that all he and his friends needed was a word of mouth referral from another worker to get on the payroll, and that the company gave you a month to get the fraudulent paperwork turned in to their office.  He and his friends all hired on in San Antonio.

So there you have it.  That is how some major industrial construction companies in Texas are hiring illegal aliens and providing them with a months wages to gain fraudulent paperwork to work and reside in the United States.  In this case, Arizona.  We were told that on this particular job, working for this particular employer, that easily eighty workers out of the one hundred and ten, were from Mexico and had hired on in the manner explained.