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Illegal Immigrants Leaving Arizona

The hard working pillars of society type illegal aliens.

It was an honor to have Texas Fred stop by this past weekend and chastise me for not posting as regularly as I had been earlier in the year.  Thank you also to many others who have sent me email and called me on the phone to make sure I’m ok.  I assure you everything is just fine.  As I’ve said a few times in previous posts, I have been absolutely swamped with work.  Even though I’ve been working 60 and 70 hour weeks, I’m grateful I haven’t lost my job to an illegal alien… yet.

I received the best Christmas present ever last week while driving to work at 4a.m.  I was listening to the CBS national news and the big story of the day was that illegal aliens were going back to Mexico for the holidays as they do every year.  But this time, many are planning on not coming back.  The talking head news babe on the radio, pointed to Arizona’s new employer sanctions law ( the recently passed Arizona HB-2779, full text of it can be read here) as the reason that the law breaking illegals no longer felt safe in Arizona.  The story has made several other main stream media outlets in the past week including USA Today’s liberal tear jerking story here.  In every report, the underlying message is there.  Unsaid, but there.  Arizona’s HB-2779 is apparently a success and, it hasn’t even taken effect yet.  We can only hope that more states feeling the social and economic strains of the largest illegal alien invasion this country has ever experienced, enact similar employer sanctions laws.  The good news on the world stage is this.  Hopefully Mexico will get a large part of it workforce back.  Maybe, the majority of those returning will have been schooled in good ole American capitalism and have a desire to start businesses and opportunity in Mexico.  Maybe, these returning Mexicans might be able to effect political change in their own corrupt government so that the might (as my Grandmother used to say) “bloom where they’re planted.”

I would like to thank each of you for all you have done this past year to support this endeavor of saving America.  From the thousands of websites in the blogoshpere trying to keep America informed as to the illegal alien invasion and the corrupt political oligarchs allowing it to happen; to the millions of Americans who have blatantly shunned the propaganda spewed by the main stream media and sought out the truth for themselves.  It’s been an eventful year for us all with many battles lost and even more won.  Continue the fight in 2008 and we might just have America back someday.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year to you all.


HR-1999; Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Every Year To La Raza, Forever


This is what President Bush and the political machines loyal to him have been promoting for the last seven years with your tax dollars.  HR-1999, also known as the “Hope Fund Act of 2007″(Hope To Destroy America Act), sponsored by Rep. Ruben Hinojosa-TX dist. 15 who sits on the Committe Of Financial Services, and co-sponsored by Rep. Ed Pastor-AZ dist. 4, who as chance might have it has a nice cushy top tier seat on the Committee Of Appropriations.  And of course there is Rep. Rick Renzi-AZ dist. 1 (probably still being questioned by the FBI for corruption allegations), Rep. Silvestre Reyes-TX dist. 16, (a handy friend for La Raza being as though he heads up the Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence and sits on the Committee On Armed Services).  And lets not forget Rep. Barney Frank-MA dist. 4, who just so happens to head up the Committee On Financial Services.  Talk about stacking the deck.  <sniff, sniff> Smell that?  The stench of political corruption and inside deals are overwhelming in this piece of legislation.

Federal expenditures already given to La Raza front organizations since 2000  average nearly 10 million dollars every year even without the additional 10 million anually proposed in HR-1999.  If that were to become legislative law, we would then be giving a self proclaimed militant racist organization hell bent on taking over the southwestern third of the United States as it’s own, 20 million dollars a year, forever, to help them achieve their goal.

One must wonder about the underlying motive here.  Does the Oligarchy in Washington really want to hand one third of the nation over to Mexico without a fight?  Or is La Raza a useful idiot in it’s use as a pawn to create rebellion sufficient enough to broaden the appeal of a North American Union.  History has shown the world that Mexico is altogether unable to form and keep a government, let alone a country.  They have been in shambles since the Spanish were evicted from leadership.  Benito Juarez brought his liberal ideals of pseudo-freedom to the people, and in turn, ruin to the country.  The notion of a North American Union, is probably the last hope for Mexico.

While it is their best and last hope, it would be our greatest mistake.  Ask any Canadian what they think of the idea.  They’re not too thrilled with the prospect either.  The only ones that benefit from such a move would be big business and finance, and of course our favorite and most protected third world country to the immediate south.


Surprise! RidersUSA Strikes Again

 RidersUSA in Surprise, AZ

This time in the City of Surprise, Arizona.  RidersUSA in conjunction with other groups and private citizens arrived in Surprise, a suburb of Phoenix to take over and protest on a vacant lot that has been a Mecca for illegal alien day laborers.  The site has been watched for quite some time and has been known to host over a hundred day laborers waiting for lawbreaking businesses and contractors to come by and illegally pick them up for cheap labor and slave wages.

 Some of us.

According to US Code TITLE 8, Chapter 12, Sub. 2, Part 9 1324a;  it is in violation of federal law to hire illegal aliens.  Yet, dozens upon dozens of contractors and businesses do it everyday at the intersection of Greenway Road & Grand Avenue.  So much so that illegal alien day laborers show up there everyday waiting to be picked up.

The City of Surprise is trying to pass an ordinance making this activity illegal.  Due to many rallys and events being held the same day throughout the valley, only a small contingent of RidersUSA was available for this location on Saturday to help lend support to the ordinance.  Many private citizens joined us.  Several people who saw us protesting, parked their cars, picked up a sign, and joined us in our effort.  

 The Good Doctor

A wonderful American Patriot whom I will refer to as The Good Doctor, was out on Grand Ave. and Greenway with her bull horn stating the laws chapter and verse.  She is a brilliant woman armed to the teeth with facts and knowledge.  She’s pretty funny too.  She got out of her car, walked up to the group of bikers getting signs together and said, “Good morning girls, let’s get to work!”  With that, our little protest had begun.

Sally Davis of Oregon’s Mom Helping To Stop Illegal Alien Day Laborer Pick-up Locations In Arizona.

Sally Davis of Oregon, your mother wanted you to know she was there.

There was a HUGE show of support from the Surprise Police Dept., the El Mirage Police Dept. and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept.  All three agencies were on site during the protest and did a wonderful job in keeping the peace over what was a rather irate gathering of illegal alien opposition.  We showed up on what they regarded as “their turf”.  These illegals had obviously never been confronted in such a manner as this in their own front yard.  It’s about time. 

 Does this look like someone who wants to be an American citizen?

On several occasions throughout the morning we were politely confronted by what I assume to be American citizens of Hispanic ancestry and asked to explain our opposition to “people just looking for work”.  We politely did, and in a few cases parted ways agreeing to disagree.  Most other times the inquirers where not really at all interested in our stance in the issue.  They said their piece and when we attempted to explain ours, we were called modern Nazis.  Ironic when you consider that the La Raza pro illegal immigrant mindset appears to be based in Mexican “national socialism”.  By nature of the definition, that would make them the Nazis.

There was one jerk that showed up in support of the lawless illegal aliens claiming to be a former Glendale police officer who quit “because of the politics”, and obviously no longer had any respect for the law.  He looked rather young.  If he in fact left the force after only seven years, he must have joined the force when he was twelve.  This guy was a clown.  If he and his ilk are the ones promoting the illegal alien amnesty mistake, we may just have a good chance to continue defeating it. 

Buffalo Rick 

The guy made the mistake of mouthing off to Buffalo Rick.  Rick is not one to back down in an argument.  In fact, he will verbally bury you quickly.  One thing NOBODY should EVER do is question the man’s patriotism and loyalty to America and the American dream.  There are several people in America today that whether you agree or disagree with their opinions, they’ve earned the right through brutal bloody sacrifice and service to this country to voice their opinion.  Buffalo Rick is one of those people.  He’s an honest to goodness American hero.  He doesn’t need some punk ass kid who has proven himself to be a traitor to his country and a quitter in his community trying to lecture him on anything.  You’re part of the problem kid.  Grow up and be an American.

All in all it was a good morning.  We definitely stirred the pot with our presence. 

Veiw more pictures here.

San Francisco Government “Savage” In Their Assault On Minorities.


Commentary:      Where’s the ACLU?  I thought they were in the business of fighting to protect the civil liberties and constitutional rights of minorities.  Well, in San Francisco we have a gentleman who is being persecuted by local government no less for simply exercising his First Amendment right.  According to census statistics and a recent New York Times article, which all you ACLU people accept as gospel, this man is clearly now a minority and is being persecuted by “THE MAN”.  Since when is it ok for a government entity to persecute a single citizen who has done nothing wrong.  How come Sharpton and Jackson aren’t  standing on the steps of city hall demanding an apology from Gerardo Sandoval for his malicious deeds upon a minority?  Where’s the outrage?  I demand that the ACLU send their first available Red Diaper Doper Baby Attorney to San Francisco post haste.  They have work to do.

Savage attacked by officials pushing immigrant bailout
San Francisco leaders want taxpayers to pay for green cards, citizenship

© 2007

San Francisco city officials are trying to force taxpayers to pay for immigrants’ green cards and citizenship – and to bolster their case for the new tax, they’ve introduced a resolution condemning national radio talk-show host Michael Savage for what they call his “defamatory language … against immigrants.”

Supervisor Chris Daly, reacting to the new and significantly higher federal fee structure for immigrants seeking citizenship, imposed last week by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, complained that the fee hikes raise concerns that immigrants “cannot obtain safe pathways to legal immigrant status and citizenship” and “further exacerbates pressures on families, increasing stress,” according to the San Francisco Examiner.

Under the new fee structure, the cost to apply for a green card is now $930, up $605 from the old fee. Citizenship applications went from $330 to $595. On Tuesday, Daly asked the city attorney to draw up legislation that would subsidize immigrants applying for citizenship, green cards and petitions for relatives and workers.

On the same day, apparently to further generate sympathy for immigrants and bolster Daly’s bailout effort, Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval introduced a resolution condemning popular radio talk-show host Michael Savage, a mainstay of the San Francisco airways for years. Since he was syndicated nationally by Talk Radio Network, Savage has become one of the nation’s most-listened-to radio talkers. 

Read the complete article here.

Democrat Leadership Eats It’s Young; Harry Mitchell Has No Spine

Commentary:   Rep. Harry Mitchell, D-AZ was sent to D.C. last year replacing J.D. Hayworth as Arizona’s representative from District 5.  He ran a campaign basically attacking Hayworth for becoming part of the Republican party’s “establishment” and being more in touch with his party bosses and special interest contributors than to his constituents.  All of which appears to have been true.  Now, I have no love for Harry Mitchell.  The guy is the antithesis of just about everything I stand for politically.  However, after being a staunch supporter and backer of Hayworth from the beginning, and watching him free-fall into the political party and special interest machine… Mitchell seemed to be a necessary evil.  I think that’s how many Republican voters in district 5 viewed it.

Last night I was listening to J.D. on his radio talk show extract his pound of flesh from Mitchell’s vote change on the floor of the House.  Indeed, Mitchell’s act was a pathetic display of statesmanship (or should I say, lack there of).  Hayworth certainly had fun with it.  It was a rather classic piece of irony. 

One thing is certain.  Our attempts to send ANYBODY to D.C. representing us and not the special interests or party bosses, isn’t going very well.  It doesn’t seem to matter which side of the aisle they sit on.  One has to wonder what’s in the water there that corrupts everyone that drinks from the fountain.

Mitchell’s asshattery last week was a HUGE slap in the face not only to Arizona, but also to the vast majority of his constituency.  He blatantly reneged on his promise to his constituents and caved in to his party bosses.  I guess you could say he pulled a Kyl on us.  Arizona’s Own Espresso Pundit has the ugly details.

Take a moment and watch the video.  Harry Mitchell clearly casts the deciding vote to kill the Republican amendment that would have prevented illegal aliens from profiting off of the farm bill.

What is Mitchell thinking?  He cast the deciding vote to kill an amendment that would have prevented illegal aliens from getting government benefits.  Similar measures on the Arizona ballot passed with nearly 75% support.  Mitchell had the chance to side with the voters of his district, or with the Democratic Leadership.  He was with the voters initially, but when it became clear that his vote was actually going to matter, he jumped back into Nancy Pelosi’s arms. 

Now contrast that against what Harry Mitchell said in one of his first campaign commercials.

You’re right Harry.  There is DEFINATLY need for a change in Washington, again.  And you have proven you’re not it.  You havn’t even been there a year and you’ve already fogotten about the people you represent.  At least J.D. waited ’till his re-election, or at least ’till Newt was gone, to just give lip service to his constituents and serve the special interests and party bosses.  You made a beeline straight toward corruption and party politics.  I guess we can chalk another one up to the ilk and likes of Jon”Benedict”Kyl.

Every time I read or write about these damn politicians that claim to represent us, I think about good people like Mr. Nelson Lee Walker.  Of course we know what he would tell us.  “Tro da bums out!”