Political Correctness

For some time now Katie’s Dad, a gentleman whom I regard as one of the more brilliant minds of the blogosphere, has been linking on the words Political Correctness, or most variations thereof whenever he uses the phrase.   He has found a way to pound the importance of disclosure on the matter quite well into his readers.  I feel a similar compulsion to out the evils of a politically correct culture by hosting this information and making it available as well. 

The links on this page will be updated and added as they come to my attention.  Let information and knowledge set you free from the bondage and oppression of Political Correctness.

The Origins of Political Correctness

Political Correctness Watch Blog 

Political Correctness – The Scourge of Our Times 

Political Correctness – The Revenge of Marxism 

America In Crisis – The Triumph of Political Correctness 

Racial Origins Of Political Correctness


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