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The Arizona Resistance blog is 110% against illegal immigration. The goal here is to fight illegal immigration by every legal and legitimate means possible.

The Arizona Resistance stands in support of the continuance of a free and sovereign America and against any efforts or legislation that would lead to a North American Union.

The Arizona Resistance is NOT against LEGAL immigration into the United States!  While we are cognitive of the fact that far too many LEGAL immigrants are allowed citizenship into this country every year, they do so LEGALLY and are welcomed into our American culture.  Immigration is one of the principles that made our nation great and we embrace this fact.  However, we also acknowledge that “over immigration” can destroy our American culture, our finite resources and our social and economic infrastructure.

The Arizona Resistance is NOT a racist blog. Racist comments and or attacks are not supported or condoned here.  We see racism for what it is; an ugly by-product of forced multiculturalism.

The Arizona Resistance is politically independent. Posts and commentary here tend to lean toward conservatism.  We have as a whole, lost faith in the two party system.  We firmly believe the ONLY way to rid the party machines of their blatent corruption is to actively endorse term limits for all legislators and public offices.

The Arizona Resistance holds nothing sacred but our families, a Judeo/Christian God, the U.S. Constitution, and The Declaration of Independence.  Anything that stands against the aforementioned, is fair game for attack.  We are U.S. Constitution originalists.  We honor and respect the rule of law accordingly.

The Arizona Resistance DOES NOT condone nor does it endorse ANY malicious or violent act upon any individual, group or entity.  It does however reserve the right to practice our first amendment right of free speech and opinion.  If you don’t like what you read here, click on the red “x” button at the top right of your screen.

Your comments and opinions are welcomed and encouraged.  This blog is NOT a debate forum.  I will on occasion debate a comment from time to time, if I feel like it.  The purpose of this blog is to spread news and information related to anything having pertinence to illegal immigration.

I, we welcome you to the views of the Arizona Resistance.  Please feel free to email us at if you think you have something we might like to read, hear or post.

The comment box below is there and available.  Please do not feel obligated to use it.


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